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Collection:   Nifty
Source: http://nifty.stanford.edu/2017/feinberg-falling-sand/

This assignment has been a huge success for me, with the majority of my students indicating they "loved" the assignment. The highlight for me has been the kinds of conversations the assignment has sparked, with students asking each other things like

  • "How do clouds form and produce rain?"
  • "How do plants grow?"
  • "What makes gases different from liquids?"
  • "What causes lightning?"
  • "How do acids and bases behave?"

This assignment has appealed to a wide range of students--even those who had already earned credit for the course!

The big takeaway for me is that students respond very favorably to this kind of open-ended assignment. And it's so neat to hear students driving a discussion about science in a CS classroom.

Creator: Dave Feinberg  
Subject:   Computers and Education  
Audience:   Educator  
Education Material Type:   Instructional Material  
Interactivity Type :   Active