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GameMaker Space Shooter Game Project Tutorial

This is a resource for the GameMaker software. It includes all the sounds and images needed to make a side scrolling airplane action game. It also includes a step by step tutorial on how to create the airplane game in GameMaker. Notes: Current version of Audacity (free) needs to be downloaded; open project description .rtf file using Word to see graphic images. (8.7 mb download)

Informatics:Puzzles, Problem solving and Programming

This is an adaptation of a Middle-School curriculum in Computer Science produced by the Institute for New Technology in the (then) Soviet Union in Moscow under the leadership of Dr. Alexei Simenov. This curriculum was delivered entirely by computer, with software that included a pseudocode interpeter and debugger that permitted students to execute and correct their programs.

Introduction to Robotics using Robolab

This lab is intended to introduce students in groups of 2-4 students to Lego Mindstorms robot kit and the Robolab software. Students will connect actuators and senors to a base robot and program this robot. Students are expected to gain the understanding of simple wiring, basic actuator control, and simple conditionals of time and using a touch sensor.

JavaScript Primer

An introduction to JavaScript with example problems and solutions.

Kodu Programming for young learners

Kodu is a free programming environment for very young learners. The Kodu Classroom Kit is a set of lesson plans and activities for teachers, after school program instructors and administrators to run a variety of types of classes using Kodu. The lessons are designed to be flexible and can be selected to best suit the class and teaching style.

Lego Mindstorms Robot Workshop

This is a five-part tutorial to learn to program Lego Mindstorms robots. The five parts include: basic movements, movement sequences, loops, sensors and conditionals. Just as with human movement, any complicated robot movement can be broken down into a series of simpler movements. We’ll start by getting familiar with the basic building blocks of robot movement.

Lego Tower Team Activity: Managing Change

This activity is conducted within a 50-minute period. Students have generally learned about what requirements and design are, thus providing the opportunity to incorporate the notion of changing requirements and their implication in design. This is a high level activity that requires no programming.

Let's Paint!

Students will be introduced to the Paint Application and a multitude of online painting and drawing websites. Students will also be learning to import, crop, size and edit photos. Students will reflect on their experiences using these applications to make them more independent users of technology. Students will learn about the various tool bars and techniques.

Making K-8 CS A Reality

Should computer science be taught in grades K-8? Can it be taught to students that young? CSTA's Level I committee believes the answer to both questions is Yes.

Programming a Planned Picture

Introductory assignment, Programming a Planned Picture, can be given to grade 10 (ics20) students after introducing the basic concepts in programming such as input/output, graphics, selection, repetition.


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