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Introduction to Programming Through Game Development Using Microsoft XNA Game Studio

Students will learn the underlying skills and principles of software development--as they design and build games for the PC, Xbox 360, Windows, and Zune. From this link you can download the e-book as well as the 16 curriculum modules that correspond to the 16 chapters in the e-book. This couse was originally designed for a CS 101 college course.

Introduction to Web Design Using Microsoft Expression Studio: Semester Curriculum

A complete standards-based, 8-module, one-semester course on Web Design. This teacher-created and student-tested curriculum is an extensive collection of creative teaching and learning materials that thoroughly spans Web Design knowledge and skills and promotes meaningful, real-world learning experiences. The 8 modules can be used together or independently in a variety of sequences.

Programming a Planned Picture

Introductory assignment, Programming a Planned Picture, can be given to grade 10 (ics20) students after introducing the basic concepts in programming such as input/output, graphics, selection, repetition.

Programming Games

This lesson is a culminating activity to a unit on basic programming in Visual Basic 6.0 for 10th graders. Advanced 8th or 9th grade students could benefit. Students should know how to use option buttons, variables, random numbers, text , image and message boxes. The lesson takes approximately one hour.

Project: Apartment Management

This is a final project presented to participants at the U of Miami, FL JETT workshop. This requires analysis and design as well as the use of 2d-arrays. The programmer is encouraged to make the interactive input "idiot proof" and user friendly.

Teaching Web Development with Dotnetnuke

Learn how you can use free curriculum and teach your students how to create a web portal using open source software written in Visual Basic.NET. This session will teach you how to use Visual Web Developer, SQL Express, and DotNetNuke.

Web Site Design Learning Module

This four lesson project introduces students to Web Site Design. It is project-based and meant for students in grades 9-12 who already have a level 1 or basic understanding of the web. Actual coding/implementation of the design is not part of this project. Rather these four lesson plans provide the preparation students will need to begin building a Web site.


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