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Software Testing: Bringing Together Advanced and Introductory Students Through Their Projects

This activity has worked best when (university) introductory software engineering teams can participate, but in lieu of that an advanced team at the same school could work well too. Some time and reminders will be needed to set up any logistics. I have used this activity for 4 years, and it has worked well in engaging students in the material and in interaction with more experienced students.

Teacher's Lesson Plan Overview for ICS 3M Final Programming Assignment

This resource is an end of term†programming project that was designed for an ICS 3M computer science course. The project was created as part of a bachelor of education degree and has not yet been implemented in a classroom. The project leads students through the process of creating a program with a real world application. The guidelines and implementation of the project are flexible.

Team Problems in Computer Science

Each of the seven supplied problems is intended to be solved by pairs of students during a class period. These problems are to be spread out through the course, since they have varying prerequisites from very simple to rather complex.


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