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Java: A Gentle Introduction

Introduction to Java for teachers, including notes on AP Java subset, assignments based on resources available on PDF (converted PowerPoint presentation).

JETT Hendrix College

A series of handouts, classes, and labs from a JETT workshop, including the PDF program booklet. Topics include robots, image processing, Java Collections, file I/O, and Swing Basics. Labs: DNA testing and Drawing.

Kodu Programming for young learners

Kodu is a free programming environment for very young learners. The Kodu Classroom Kit is a set of lesson plans and activities for teachers, after school program instructors and administrators to run a variety of types of classes using Kodu. The lessons are designed to be flexible and can be selected to best suit the class and teaching style.

Learning Java Through Media Computation

This is a set of 4 sessions: Intro to OO Programming concepts and Java Turtles, Intro to Media Computation and image manipulation using objects, methods, arrays, and loops; Image Manipulation using 2d arrays and conditionals, Manipulating sound using ranges in iteration and methods that return values; also a look at inheeritance using Java Turtles.

Object Oriented Design Using Pong Learning Module

In this learning module students will design and implement Pong using object-oriented (OO) programming concepts. Lesson plans, worksheets and Java source files are included. This is intended for use by beginning Java programmers, but includes suggestions for enhanced learning for more experienced Java programmers. Solutions are included.

Online Java Tutorials

Links to several online Java tutorials, grouped by level: beginning, intermediate, and advanced, plus some FAQs.

Polymorphism and Delegation

This folder contains an instructor-led lab where the student will develop using a step-by-step worksheet a solution to a Karel harvesting program using several new robots created using a base robot class. The student's solution will use polymorphism. A PowerPoint presentation is coordinated with the steps on the worksheet for the lab.

Practical Tips for Teaching Object Oriented Design

This session introduces Object Oriented Design based on the world around us. Then, applying the KISS principle, we will explore ways to weave simple classes into projects and projects into classes that are enjoyable and fun for students.

Practice Java Projects

Java programming assignments using the java.util.Collections and classes.

Programming Ideas V2

"This is a collection of ideas for exercises, test questions, projects, etc. It is not a collection of exercises, test questions, projects, etc. This collection is meant to be used when the teacher first begins to design an assignment or test and needs some ideas. This collection is no good to the teacher who is in a panic and needs a string exercise for a class starting in five minutes!


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