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Abstraction and JPie

An introduction to abstraction and how it applies to different levels of programming languages. Abstraction is then explored in object-oriented languages to define the ideas of classes, objects, and properties. Examples are given using the JPie programming environment. Conditional and sequential execution are then discussed to motivate the problem of writing the game Pong in JPie.

Alice game programming for middle school students

We are pleased to share this set of materials that can be used or adapted by K-12 teachers who want to offer a unit on computer game programming. They were created as part of a research study that was designed to define, measure, and promote computational thinking among middle school students. Computational thinking is a problem solving process used by computer scientists.

Apartment Management Project

This is a project problem from U of Miami involving apartment building management. A 2d array (or something similar) is required. The user interface is menu driven and must ensure that user input is appropriate before processing it.Appropriate oo design should be used. See other programming exercises in the JETT Workshop II from Univ of Miami, Geoff Sutcliffe

Arrays Lesson Plan

This is a sample lesson plan and assignment for teaching arrays. This was part of a lesson plan assignment of mine for my CS AQ. I learned how to program by taking working video games and enhancing them. Many students will likely learn the same way. Resources for source code are given in the Word doc.

Bridging the Divide: Enhancing K-16 Education in CS using Alice

This is a complete all-day workshop including an overview and introduction to Alice, then developing an animation including dealing with events and programing several situations including Zeus World, BiPlane World and Shark Chase World.

Code Rules – Introduction to Visual Basic .NET

Code Rules is a course designed to introduce high school students, with little or no background in computers or computer programming, to the basic concepts of computer programming. The course teaches students to create fun and engaging applications using Visual Basic.Net.

Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming

This is a set of slides which goes through all of the concepts o object-oriented programming. These slides were adapted from the online vesionof the book "The Java Tutorial" available at this url:

Cooperating Objects

This is an instructor-led lab to help students explore several interacting classes, construct objects, modify and add methods. PowerPoint slides are used throughout to augment the presentation.

Crazy Objects

The "Crazy Objects" was an assignment put together to address misunderstanding some students have about how computer languages handle objects, specifically the idea of having a reference to an object and how objects can reference other objects.

Demonstration Java Applets

These are a variety of other applets I’ve created over the years on stacks, queues, hashing, recursion and a variety of simple games. These can be used either as tutorials or projects with either grade 11 or 12. These are on


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