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Interfacing Project - Remote Controlled Car

The scope of this project is to create a simple interfacing device that will connect a remote controlled car to a computer via parallel port. The program used to control the car is Visual Basic 2005 Express. Students have to demonstrate a good knowledge of electronics and programming skills (56mb download)

Interfacing Project Jeopardy Buzzers

The interfacing project uses both digital input and output from the parallel port to build a set ofjeopardy buzzers. Prior knowledge of Turing is a plus but not a necessity. The materials required, the electronic diagram and the code are supplied.

Lessons to teach Ohm's Law, parallel and series circuits, and combination circuits

These are lesson plans and handouts for teaching ohm’s law, series circuits, parallel circuits and combination series/parallel circuits. I wish to thank Randy Storey at Thistletown CI for sharing his resources. Much of the content in my handouts was derived from Randy’s resources.

Overclocking a CPU

Overclocking a CPU For the Grade 12 TEJ (Old ICE) course, I have created an activity that encourages the grade 12 students to explore the concept of overclocking a CPU. This Activity gives the students a lot of leeway in terms of how and what they need to do. It was my intention to make this activity very similar to an "independent study".


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