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8085 Assembly Language

Students will be expected to write low-level programs. In this presentation we will introduce the fundamental concepts of assembly language and practice these concepts by writing some simple programs in an 8085 assembly language simulator.

A Collection of Internet-era IT Literacy Teaching Modules

These teaching modules are designed for use in an Internet-era IT literacy course. I have over 90 modules now and plan to create enough for two overlapping courses -- one aimed at students with a strong interest in IT and another for general students. I teach an entire course using these modules, but one could easily select a few to supplement another course.

Build and Program a CHRP PIC Development System

Participants in this two-part, hands-on session will learn about and build an 'open hardware' PIC microcontroller development system known as CHRP. CHRP is an inexpensive system that is designed to grow with the students as they learn about electronics, interfacing, robotics and programming in grades ten, eleven and twelve.

Building the Beetle Bot Robot

This is an excellent little assignment for meeting a number of the grade 10 expectations in TEJ2O.

Computer Engineering Car Controlled By Joystick

Powerpoint slideshow that details a Grade 11 project for computer engineering class for Building a car. Programs created with Turing. Use of Joystick included.

Concurrent Programming: Motivation, Theory, Practice

This is a discussion about the evolution of CPU hardware including multicore development, parallel programming, multiprocessing. The idea of a process as the basis unit of execution in an operation is explored. Processes, threads and processors are explored as a basis for multiprocessing. Performance of threads, implementing threads and thread lifecycle are discussed.

Concurrent Programming: The Lab

These are the slides for a lab in which concurrency is the programming idiom. This is incomplete since the actual assignment is not provided, only some examples of how the assignment is completed.

Controlling the World

“Controlling The World”: Part 1, is a grade 10 interface project involving several units of the TEE20 curriculum. It could be used as a final or summative project.

Design, Build, and Write Software to Simulate Computer-controlled Traffic Lights

Resources to design, build, and write software to simulate computer-controlled traffic lights at an intersection.

Final Semester Test for Computer Engineering

The test file is a copy of a final test for grade 12 Computer Engineering. This test covers Parralax Pbasic Programing, Pic programming, OSI layers and Computer networking


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