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Animal Game

An interactive guessing game that can learn from the player. Registered users can add animals to the knowledgebase; registration is free. (The underlying data structure is a binary tree.) This resource is stored online, not in this repository.

Apartment Management Project

This is a project problem from U of Miami involving apartment building management. A 2d array (or something similar) is required. The user interface is menu driven and must ensure that user input is appropriate before processing it.Appropriate oo design should be used. See other programming exercises in the JETT Workshop II from Univ of Miami, Geoff Sutcliffe

Arrays Lesson Plan

This is a sample lesson plan and assignment for teaching arrays. This was part of a lesson plan assignment of mine for my CS AQ. I learned how to program by taking working video games and enhancing them. Many students will likely learn the same way. Resources for source code are given in the Word doc.

Binary Searching

PowerPoint presentation introducing sequential and binary searching. Includes walk-throughs of a short sample list, using both algorithms, as well as a discussion of effiency. (language-independent)

Bootstrap - Videogame Design through Functional Programming

Additional information: These materials are intended to be an "out of the box" teaching toolkit, and include all of the software, lesson plans and student worksheets necessary to run a successful class. Teachers need only to install the software, available for free from There are 9 lessons each 90 minutes long.

End of ICS3M course test incl Programming

The resources here were developed for ICS3M. The package includes an outline for culminating tasks, a final exam and a sample solution to the exam programming task. Students were introduced to OOP throughout the semester and the Pizza program source code included is a possible solution to the final programming task. Don’t fear the OOP!

Final Java Project: Creating Quizzes

This assignment is suitable for ICS3U as a culminating activity. Students will be reviewing all the course expectations by reviewing what they have learned; they do this by creating quizzes for each chapter of the text book covered during the course. This activity helps to prepare them for the final exam. They then write an algorithm to allow a select group of students take the quizzes.

First Day Activity - Sorting

This is an activityfor grades 6-12 that gets students to think about the problem of sorting some playing cards. The rules of the "game" essentially abstract the "rules" for the comparison-based sorting in a computer. It seems to work well to get kids into the CS mindset, and builds some confidence that they can succeed.

Food For Thought: Great Ideas in CS Illustrated with Food

This presentation is oriented around efficiency in computing, in particular constructing algorithms, correctness, running time, and algorithm efficiency.

Guzdial and Ericson Java Media Computation Walkthrough

This is a movie in which the author Mark Guzdial talks through and demonstrations various Javaprogramming examples using media computation (media manipulation); it accompanied the set of 4 lessons in this web repository entitled "Learning Java through Media Computation". It is an 81mb zip file and for this reason was separated from the set of sessions.


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