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Thinking about Algorithms

Introduces the idea of an algorithm through discussing interesting problems in computer science. These problems include the Stable Marriage problem, finding square roots, finding the greatest common divisor (GCD), and the halting problem.

Toys and Techniques for Teaching CS

This session will present techniques for using manipulatives and fun activities to teach computer science concepts. Participants will have the opportunity to share and brainstorm new ideas to help make teaching computer science a fun and rewarding activity.

Unit Testing

For this lab students will take a previous program (SpellChecker from the Data Structures entry from Virginia Tech), learn how to develop test cases and develop techniques to use these cases to test the program. Thus students will hypothesize about program behavior and then experimentally verify their hypotheses.

Visual BASIC 2005 Text (6 Chapters)

This goes along with the book "Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Step by Step (Step By Step)" by Michael Halvorson. My colleague Judy and I co-developed this package for the programming unit of the TIK2O course in 2008. It includes the lecture notes, exercises, and practice tests for six chapters.


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