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A Collection of Internet-era IT Literacy Teaching Modules

These teaching modules are designed for use in an Internet-era IT literacy course. I have over 90 modules now and plan to create enough for two overlapping courses -- one aimed at students with a strong interest in IT and another for general students. I teach an entire course using these modules, but one could easily select a few to supplement another course.

Algorithms in Computational Biology

This set of slides presents some examples of computer science use in biology - an example of computational thinking. Among topics explored are sequencing the humane Genome, string matching and other related problems.

Computing in the Developing World

This presentation asks the question "Can computing help solve some of the problems in the rest of the world?" The project of scaling up a healthcare systemin Rwanda is explored by the presenter

Cryptography and Security - or - Fun (and Important) Tricks with Math and CS

An accessible introduction to the intriguing field of cryptography including an overview of the history and mathematics of the field, as well as direct examples of how high-school-level mathematics correlate to cryptography techniques. Slides, sample cryptograms with solutions, a cipher reference sheet and a Visual Cryptogram from Paul Allen Center are included here.

Exploring Computer Science

The Exploring Computer Science (ECS) materials available at: providing daily lesson plans and resources which support the teaching of six instructional units: 1) Human Computer Interaction; 
2) Problem Solving; 
3) Web Design; 
4) Introduction to Programming; 
5) Robotics; and 
6) Computing Applications.

Food For Thought: Pancakes with a Problem

Through the use of the notion of flipping pancakes of equal size, Professor Rudich develops a notation to solve the problem, describes an algebraic representation, talks about lower and upper bounds,, describes a recursive solution, examines an alternative solution. He suggests that this problem analysis in both descrete mathematics and algorithm research.

Google Search: From the Basics to the Latest Innovations

In this session, we explore basic search technology as well as the innovations that Google has brought and continues to bring to search. The materials presented will not only help you become familiar with the latest trends, but will also help you introduce this important technology to your students.

Interfacing Project - Remote Controlled Car

The scope of this project is to create a simple interfacing device that will connect a remote controlled car to a computer via parallel port. The program used to control the car is Visual Basic 2005 Express. Students have to demonstrate a good knowledge of electronics and programming skills (56mb download)

MobileASL: Making Cell Phones Accessible to the Deaf Community

This team of computer scientists is doing work to make cell phones more accessible to the deaf using American Sign Language (ASL). Constraints, research, experiments and results are discussed.

Teacher's Lesson Plan Overview for ICS 3M Final Programming Assignment

This resource is an end of term†programming project that was designed for an ICS 3M computer science course. The project was created as part of a bachelor of education degree and has not yet been implemented in a classroom. The project leads students through the process of creating a program with a real world application. The guidelines and implementation of the project are flexible.


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