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Teacher's Lesson Plan Overview for ICS 3M Final Programming Assignment

This resource is an end of term†programming project that was designed for an ICS 3M computer science course. The project was created as part of a bachelor of education degree and has not yet been implemented in a classroom. The project leads students through the process of creating a program with a real world application. The guidelines and implementation of the project are flexible.

Teaching Flowcharting as a Prelude to Programming

This flowchart assignment I deliver at the very beginning of programming before students are introduced to actual programming. The purpose of the assignment is to teach students how to solve simple math problems in a structured way. In the process, they will learn the flowcharting symbols. Eventually, student will have the opportunity to program these flowcharts.

Teaching With Alice

This presentation of Alice begins with a description of Alice and how it's used to support various CS concepts. Starting at slide 15 there is a "folllow along" type of lesson where an Alice program is built and modified over the course of the presentation. Participants can follow along at their computers

Thinking about Algorithms

Introduces the idea of an algorithm through discussing interesting problems in computer science. These problems include the Stable Marriage problem, finding square roots, finding the greatest common divisor (GCD), and the halting problem.

Toys and Techniques for Teaching CS

This session will present techniques for using manipulatives and fun activities to teach computer science concepts. Participants will have the opportunity to share and brainstorm new ideas to help make teaching computer science a fun and rewarding activity.

Visual Programming via the Squeak Car Demo

Visual programming environments are perfect for teaching computational concepts and problem solving techniques without having to worry about syntax. On the site for thie workshop noted in the URL of this database entry, there are many more references to Sqeak and other programming environments.


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