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Making a Difference in Education Through Innovation in Technology

Technology has long played a role in education. Some technologies such as pen and paper, chalk and blackboard, or printing are so much a part of our experiences that we no longer think of them as technology.

Post Secondary Careers Assignment

This assignment allows students to explore post secondary and connecting career options. Students are to create a website to relay the information that they find. This specific assignment is for the Ontario grade 11 college, Introduction to Computer Programming course, but can be easily modified to fit any of the computer studies or computer engineering courses.

Summative Test on basic constructs in Java

Summative Test (2 parts) for TIK2O/ICS2O. Basic Java programming constructs and designing and codeing of simple programs are evaluated in this test. Thanks to my colleague S. Jay for help and resources.

Visual BASIC 2005 Text (6 Chapters)

This goes along with the book "Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Step by Step (Step By Step)" by Michael Halvorson. My colleague Judy and I co-developed this package for the programming unit of the TIK2O course in 2008. It includes the lecture notes, exercises, and practice tests for six chapters.

What is Computer Science, Really?

Discusses five reasons it's important to have Computer Science be a part of the K-12 curriculum.


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