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A Collection of Internet-era IT Literacy Teaching Modules

These teaching modules are designed for use in an Internet-era IT literacy course. I have over 90 modules now and plan to create enough for two overlapping courses -- one aimed at students with a strong interest in IT and another for general students. I teach an entire course using these modules, but one could easily select a few to supplement another course.

Democratizing Computer Science in Urban Schools

This presentation will provide an overview of the three-tiered strategy for democratizing computer science in Los Angeles Unified School District: professional development, student outreach, and the development of curricular materials to support a year-long, college-preparatory computer science course for high school students.

End of ICS3M course test incl Programming

The resources here were developed for ICS3M. The package includes an outline for culminating tasks, a final exam and a sample solution to the exam programming task. Students were introduced to OOP throughout the semester and the Pizza program source code included is a possible solution to the final programming task. Don’t fear the OOP!

Experiences with Rubrics: Grading the APCS Exam n

The presenter provides background information about AP tests and CS in particular, the use of rubrics, then works through problem A4 from the 2004 Exam (problem statement, rubric, canonical solutions and sample student solutions are available on ). Training of graders and the reading process are noted.

Exploring Computer Science

The Exploring Computer Science (ECS) materials available at: providing daily lesson plans and resources which support the teaching of six instructional units: 1) Human Computer Interaction; 
2) Problem Solving; 
3) Web Design; 
4) Introduction to Programming; 
5) Robotics; and 
6) Computing Applications.

Final Semester Test for Computer Engineering

The test file is a copy of a final test for grade 12 Computer Engineering. This test covers Parralax Pbasic Programing, Pic programming, OSI layers and Computer networking

Introduction to Programming Through Game Development Using Microsoft XNA Game Studio

Students will learn the underlying skills and principles of software development--as they design and build games for the PC, Xbox 360, Windows, and Zune. From this link you can download the e-book as well as the 16 curriculum modules that correspond to the 16 chapters in the e-book. This couse was originally designed for a CS 101 college course.

Introduction to Web Design Using Microsoft Expression Studio: Semester Curriculum

A complete standards-based, 8-module, one-semester course on Web Design. This teacher-created and student-tested curriculum is an extensive collection of creative teaching and learning materials that thoroughly spans Web Design knowledge and skills and promotes meaningful, real-world learning experiences. The 8 modules can be used together or independently in a variety of sequences.

It's Free!!!!!

This 25 page document contains a whole boatload of links to freeware and shareware (mostly) as well as sites that contain useful materials for classrooms. There's links to sites for nearly all subject areas, not just CS and IT. There's also some hints and discussion of most entries.

Kodu Programming for young learners

Kodu is a free programming environment for very young learners. The Kodu Classroom Kit is a set of lesson plans and activities for teachers, after school program instructors and administrators to run a variety of types of classes using Kodu. The lessons are designed to be flexible and can be selected to best suit the class and teaching style.


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