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Surviving Your First Years of Teaching CS

It's hard enough teaching a subject that no one in your building understands, and even harder if you are a new teacher. This session will outline strategies to help teachers starting out with computer science find and share resources and build a support network.

Teaching CS from K through 12

Presenters answer the question "How can we best teach programming?" Their three goals are to demystify computers for students, encourage students to learn programming, provide tools for parents/educators. Start teaching programming in 6th-8th grades. They include an overview of a middle grade level class. They use Gameboy Advance games as basis for their student projects.

Teaching Technology with Technology

Moodle, Blogs, Online Forums, Presentation Stations, Classroom/Ubiquitous Presenter, and so many more it's hard to keep up. This session will introduce some useful technologies for teaching technology to students.


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