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Are You Experienced? College Students and Early Computer Influences

While employment opportunities associated with technological fields are plentiful (U.S. Department of Commerce, 2003), the number of women filling those positions remains low (Cohen & Greenwald, 2003). In the Fall of 2004 and the Spring of 2005, students in IT and applied disciplines discussed their early computer influences and the impact those individuals had on their later career choices.

Best Time Ever to Teach/Learn CS

similar to Klawe's "Getting Future Leaders to Learn Computer Science" in this repository

Bringing Fluency with Information Technology to High School

Discusses fluency, the core of computer knowledge, and why everyone should know about computers.

Camps, Clubs and Competitions

Would you like to get your students interested in more than just using instant messaging and Facebook? This session will enable you to start computing after school clubs, summer camps, and competitions. It will give you free software that you can use to introduce computing concepts to your students.

Computer Science Book Discussions

The organizers chose three books related to computer science which could be used to spark students' interest in computing or provide inspiration for lesson plans. Book choices are: Unlocking the Clubhouse, On Intelligence, Neuromancer. Included are study questions for each book and additional notes for Unlocking the Clubhouse. At least Neuromancer would be of interest to students.

Computing Educators Oral History Project: Educational Resources

The CEOHP teaching materials are designed to help educators lead their students to explore the many interviews gathered in this oral history collection. Students will need access via the internet to the CEOHP site ( All materials are available via the CEOHP site. Initially, three lesson plans are included; each is available in both Word and PDF format.

Contextual Factors Contributing to Success

This set of slides discusses the importance of mentoring, work-life balance issues among faculty and students, challenges faced by international students in IT, and women friendly gender climates.

Democratizing Computer Science in Urban Schools

This presentation will provide an overview of the three-tiered strategy for democratizing computer science in Los Angeles Unified School District: professional development, student outreach, and the development of curricular materials to support a year-long, college-preparatory computer science course for high school students.

Equity issue (CSTA Voice)

Issue dedicated to equity resources. This issue contains information about finding a curriculum that fits your needs, information about a project in LA county schools, and statistics about girls and minorities taking computer science.

First Bytes at UT-Austin Teacher Promotional Suggestions

This is a list of answers to questions at the CS4HS conference at UT-Austin in July, 2008.


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