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The Political Landscape: Advocating for CS

Educating policy makers on the importance of K-12 computer science is critical as often the people making decisions about what will be taught in schools do not understand our discipline or how important it is. Among the science and engineering fields, computer science plays an increasingly prominent role in driving the engines of productivity that empower U.S.

The RFID Ecosystem

This presentation on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and the involvementof the CS community includes information on its current status, current applications and futureuses s of this technology. Issues related to security and privacy are also addressed.

Using Computer Gaming to Enhance CS (in Trends Gaming in CS and Industry June 08)

The presenter's agenda for Computer Games and Computer Science: the problem we're discussing is the declining enrollment of CS; the opportunity is to make better games. He discusses the current trends in computer gaming and asks "Can computer gaming inspire CS? Can CS improve computer gaming?


Nicely put together slide presentation that UT-Austom CS Dept takes to students. The goals are to introduce the field of comuter science and to get students excited about computer science. Many slides are from the Women@SCS group at Carnegie-Mellon University.

Why Teach Computer Science?

Discusses five reasons it's important to have Computer Science be a part of the K-12 curriculum.


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