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Gender and Minority Equity

This set of pdf files is from the National Center for Women in Information Technology can be used to present a compelling case for changing the approach to teaching CS. These changes are relevant not only to females but also males and to underrepresented groups in general.

Getting Future Leaders to Learn Computer Science

similar to Klawe's "Best Time Ever to Teach/Learn CS" in this repository

Lego Mindstorms Robot Workshop

This is a five-part tutorial to learn to program Lego Mindstorms robots. The five parts include: basic movements, movement sequences, loops, sensors and conditionals. Just as with human movement, any complicated robot movement can be broken down into a series of simpler movements. We’ll start by getting familiar with the basic building blocks of robot movement.

MobileASL: Making Cell Phones Accessible to the Deaf Community

This team of computer scientists is doing work to make cell phones more accessible to the deaf using American Sign Language (ASL). Constraints, research, experiments and results are discussed.

Programming in Alice for Inclusion

This is a workshop on Alice. The authors have been using materials like those here during a middle school workshop for girls. Topics discussed in this workshop include Why Alice? an introduction to Alice with hands-on work, the issues of increasing the numbers of CS majors and graduates and dealing with ethnic and gender issues, setting up a cs course the future of Alice.

Robots - Not Just for Vacuuming Your Floors

Robots are becoming more and more common in everyday applications. Students can learn about programming concepts in a hands-on way with Lego robots. Interactive design is the focus with Lego NXT robots.

Surviving Your First Years of Teaching CS

It's hard enough teaching a subject that no one in your building understands, and even harder if you are a new teacher. This session will outline strategies to help teachers starting out with computer science find and share resources and build a support network.

Teaching CS from K through 12

Presenters answer the question "How can we best teach programming?" Their three goals are to demystify computers for students, encourage students to learn programming, provide tools for parents/educators. Start teaching programming in 6th-8th grades. They include an overview of a middle grade level class. They use Gameboy Advance games as basis for their student projects.

The IT Career Cluster and IT Workforce Development in the Jefferson County Schools

Presentation on US Dept of Education developed IT Career Cluster, including statistics on current and future of IT jobs and the implementation of this career cluster in Jefferson County Schools.


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