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Power of Randomness in Computation

The presenter talks about the usefulness of randomness in CS noting algorithms, Monte Carlo simulations, cryptography. He explores the generation of pseudo-random numbers and the quality of random numbers generated including the minimal randomness requirement.

Project-Based Learning Module

This module provides teachers with an overview of Project-Based Learning (PBL) and is intended as a professional development resource. There are two PowerPoint presentations, a number of planning and implementation files and links to video clips of classrooms engaged in PBL as well as to additional readings and project samples

Solar System Simulation Programming Assignment

For this assignment students demonstrate Object Oriented Programming concepts to simulate the Solar system. Solar System is for a grade 12 summative assignment after the OOP unit.

Teacher's Lesson Plan Overview for ICS 3M Final Programming Assignment

This resource is an end of term†programming project that was designed for an ICS 3M computer science course. The project was created as part of a bachelor of education degree and has not yet been implemented in a classroom. The project leads students through the process of creating a program with a real world application. The guidelines and implementation of the project are flexible.

Web Algorithm Problems: Practicing for the APCS Test

Not sure this is valuable for student use in its current format. The material is a wealth of resources for teachers.


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