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Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming

This is a set of slides which goes through all of the concepts o object-oriented programming. These slides were adapted from the online vesionof the book "The Java Tutorial" available at this url:

Crazy Objects

The "Crazy Objects" was an assignment put together to address misunderstanding some students have about how computer languages handle objects, specifically the idea of having a reference to an object and how objects can reference other objects.

Demonstration Java Applets

These are a variety of other applets I’ve created over the years on stacks, queues, hashing, recursion and a variety of simple games. These can be used either as tutorials or projects with either grade 11 or 12. These are on

Design, Build, and Write Software to Simulate Computer-controlled Traffic Lights

Resources to design, build, and write software to simulate computer-controlled traffic lights at an intersection.

Don't Fear The OOP

The author passed away shortly after writing this in 1999. His father gave permission to post the URL and maintain a backup copy. Details of the email exchange are included in the zip file.

Interactive Game as a Final Project in Python Course

This resource consists of 5 files designed to be studied in order. The first file gives a language-independent overview of how to develop a real-time game, which is a very common final project. The four examples show how to develop a final project using stepwise refinement. The first example is very basic but it sets up a fundamental skeleton for developing a game in python using pygame.

Interfaces and Class Design

This project has students implementing a calculator using and implementing interfaces, using Maps, polymorphism, dynamic binding, Buffered Reader and String Tokenizer classes

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Students are introduced to the initial steps of applying Object Oriented Design to a programming problem and practice applying those steps to a problem that may later be used as a significant programming project. Support sites include and •

Introduction to Programming Through Game Development Using Microsoft XNA Game Studio

Students will learn the underlying skills and principles of software development--as they design and build games for the PC, Xbox 360, Windows, and Zune. From this link you can download the e-book as well as the 16 curriculum modules that correspond to the 16 chapters in the e-book. This couse was originally designed for a CS 101 college course.

Java Inheritance Project

The three inheritxxx.doc files are a series of Java inheritance projects I’ve assigned in the past: on tetris pieces, chess pieces and desktop items. I also included the for inherit07f. Part of it was given to the students to test their classes. This was used with the grade 12’s.


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