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Cryptography and Security - or - Fun (and Important) Tricks with Math and CS

An accessible introduction to the intriguing field of cryptography including an overview of the history and mathematics of the field, as well as direct examples of how high-school-level mathematics correlate to cryptography techniques. Slides, sample cryptograms with solutions, a cipher reference sheet and a Visual Cryptogram from Paul Allen Center are included here.

Demonstration Java Applets

These are a variety of other applets I’ve created over the years on stacks, queues, hashing, recursion and a variety of simple games. These can be used either as tutorials or projects with either grade 11 or 12. These are on

Teaching Web Development with Dotnetnuke

Learn how you can use free curriculum and teach your students how to create a web portal using open source software written in Visual Basic.NET. This session will teach you how to use Visual Web Developer, SQL Express, and DotNetNuke.

Web Site Design Learning Module

This four lesson project introduces students to Web Site Design. It is project-based and meant for students in grades 9-12 who already have a level 1 or basic understanding of the web. Actual coding/implementation of the design is not part of this project. Rather these four lesson plans provide the preparation students will need to begin building a Web site.
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