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Demonstration Java Applets

These are a variety of other applets I’ve created over the years on stacks, queues, hashing, recursion and a variety of simple games. These can be used either as tutorials or projects with either grade 11 or 12. These are on

Expression Design Tutorial: Creating Images with Expression Design (Beaches Around the World)

A tutorial to create and edit designs with Expression Design’s vector-based drawing tools, produce graphical effects, and change settings for optimization. The tutorial provides details to export images and files for use on the Web. The images created can be used in the Expression Web Quick Start Tutorial: Beaches Around the World.

Introduction to Web Design Using Microsoft Expression Studio: Semester Curriculum

A complete standards-based, 8-module, one-semester course on Web Design. This teacher-created and student-tested curriculum is an extensive collection of creative teaching and learning materials that thoroughly spans Web Design knowledge and skills and promotes meaningful, real-world learning experiences. The 8 modules can be used together or independently in a variety of sequences.
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