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Best Time Ever to Teach/Learn CS

similar to Klawe's "Getting Future Leaders to Learn Computer Science" in this repository

Computer Ethics Institute

The Computer Ethics Institute has provided an advanced forum and resource for identifying, assessing and responding to ethical issues associated with the advancement of information technologies in society. Through advisory and consultative activities, research and education, and public outreach, CEI has stimulated awareness of the issues likely to arise as technology continues to develop.

Cryptography Materials

This page contains a series of links to information that was shared at the CS4HS talk at Carnegie Mellon university on 7/25/2008. Slides from the talk as well as notes and references about interesting ideas in cryptography are included on this page.

E-Waste: Research Paper Project on its Proliferation and Impact

This lesson and follow up research paper is intended to make students aware of the impact of technology on the environment. Electronic waste is an increasing problem with the proliferation of products and with the waste friendly society.

Engaging Students in Open Source

Open source projects provide numerous and widely varied opportunities for students to be active participants in the creation of real world, widely used software, whether as developers, documenters or in other ways. The Google Highly Open Participation Contest highlighted this through the participation of hundreds of 13 to 18 year olds in ten major open source projects.

Getting Future Leaders to Learn Computer Science

similar to Klawe's "Best Time Ever to Teach/Learn CS" in this repository

Google Search: From the Basics to the Latest Innovations

In this session, we explore basic search technology as well as the innovations that Google has brought and continues to bring to search. The materials presented will not only help you become familiar with the latest trends, but will also help you introduce this important technology to your students.

Impact & Consequences Media Assignment

For this activity, the student will use the Internet, magazines, newspapers and other resources to find an informative article relating to the ethical use of computers or the use of information technology and its impact on the community or examples of rapid change in information technology or computer engineering career paths.

Introduction to Java: Classes, Events, GUIs

This presentation develops the notion of a class as a blueprint for objects which will be created. A simple test program is created for the class; The second example introduces GUI components and the ability to recognize and handle events. A small program using colors, rectangles and the awt library is developed

Java, Women and the Culture of Computing

An article covering women in programming, and the underlying psychology behind various naming schemes in Java and in computer programming in general.


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