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Digital Portfolios (CSTA Voice, Volume 1, Issue 4)

Digital portfolios track student progress over time. They also can facilitate student reflection upon the process of problem solving. This article provides suggestions for implementing student portfolios to complement, rather than distract from the curriculum.

Experiences with Rubrics: Grading the APCS Exam n

The presenter provides background information about AP tests and CS in particular, the use of rubrics, then works through problem A4 from the 2004 Exam (problem statement, rubric, canonical solutions and sample student solutions are available on ). Training of graders and the reading process are noted.

TCP/IP: How Messages Get Delivered Across the Internet

The purpose of this lesson is to explain the concept of a protocol stack and the basic functions of TCP/IP networking by using a postal example. This lesson is aimed at middle and high school students who do not have a background in network protocols. This is intended ffor 45 minutes with a lab and exercises.
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