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If lesson, practice and quiz

This is a selection statement lesson in Turing, practice problems and a 2 question quiz. The lesson could be an overhead or a hand out.

Interfaces and Class Design

This project has students implementing a calculator using and implementing interfaces, using Maps, polymorphism, dynamic binding, Buffered Reader and String Tokenizer classes

Intro to BlueJ and Making Karel the Robot Walk the Maze

This folder really has two kinds of information. The robot lab has little information for participants, assuming participants have knowledge of solutions to walking maze problems. The two presentations don't have anything to do with the lab but do present interesting information for teachers.

Intro to Objects, OOP, Inheritance and Interfaces (JETT Workshop II)

The material for this 2-day JETT workshop contains all webpages from their site The foci are: Module 1: Intro to Objects; Module 3: Intro to OO Programming; and Module 5: Inheritance and Interfaces. Information on the Java presented in this workshop, over a half dozen practice programming problems, suggested approaches for teaching and a final end of workshop programming project are included.

Introduction to Java: Classes, Events, GUIs

This presentation develops the notion of a class as a blueprint for objects which will be created. A simple test program is created for the class; The second example introduces GUI components and the ability to recognize and handle events. A small program using colors, rectangles and the awt library is developed

Java for the Initiated

Intermediate Java language features, with details and code examples. PDF (converted PowerPoint presentation).

Java Inheritance Project

The three inheritxxx.doc files are a series of Java inheritance projects I’ve assigned in the past: on tetris pieces, chess pieces and desktop items. I also included the for inherit07f. Part of it was given to the students to test their classes. This was used with the grade 12’s.

Java: A Gentle Introduction

Introduction to Java for teachers, including notes on AP Java subset, assignments based on resources available on PDF (converted PowerPoint presentation).

JETT Hendrix College

A series of handouts, classes, and labs from a JETT workshop, including the PDF program booklet. Topics include robots, image processing, Java Collections, file I/O, and Swing Basics. Labs: DNA testing and Drawing.

Learning Java Through Media Computation

This is a set of 4 sessions: Intro to OO Programming concepts and Java Turtles, Intro to Media Computation and image manipulation using objects, methods, arrays, and loops; Image Manipulation using 2d arrays and conditionals, Manipulating sound using ranges in iteration and methods that return values; also a look at inheeritance using Java Turtles.


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