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Exploring Computer Science

The Exploring Computer Science (ECS) materials available at: providing daily lesson plans and resources which support the teaching of six instructional units: 1) Human Computer Interaction; 
2) Problem Solving; 
3) Web Design; 
4) Introduction to Programming; 
5) Robotics; and 
6) Computing Applications.

Impact & Consequences Media Assignment

For this activity, the student will use the Internet, magazines, newspapers and other resources to find an informative article relating to the ethical use of computers or the use of information technology and its impact on the community or examples of rapid change in information technology or computer engineering career paths.

Internet and the World Wide Web

A detailed introduction to many computing concepts: Computer Basics; Network, Internet, Web, Email Basics; Personal Safety Online; Web Page Construction; Finding What You Want; Software on the Internet; Power Tools in the Internet; E-Commerce. (A slide show in PDF format, 241 slides.)

MobileASL: Making Cell Phones Accessible to the Deaf Community

This team of computer scientists is doing work to make cell phones more accessible to the deaf using American Sign Language (ASL). Constraints, research, experiments and results are discussed.

Pirates of Silicon Valley Worksheets

"Pirates of Silicon Valley (DVD and VHS) is the dramatization of the events that lead to the creation and explosive growth of the personal computer. We follow Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) as their paths crisscross in Silicon Valley. We watch as the rivalry between these two giants unfolds. I like to use this video to introduce PC hardware and software evolution.

Professional Ethics and Codes of Conduct

Professional Society Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct: examples of using them in making ethical decisions. This is intended for HS seniors who have had a year of CS and are show an interest in pursuing a CS or IT profession. This is intended to take two 50-minute classes and 3-4 hours of preparation by students. Students will be reading and analyzing case studies using various frameworks

The RFID Ecosystem

This presentation on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and the involvementof the CS community includes information on its current status, current applications and futureuses s of this technology. Issues related to security and privacy are also addressed.


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