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Internet and the World Wide Web

A detailed introduction to many computing concepts: Computer Basics; Network, Internet, Web, Email Basics; Personal Safety Online; Web Page Construction; Finding What You Want; Software on the Internet; Power Tools in the Internet; E-Commerce. (A slide show in PDF format, 241 slides.)

Pirates of Silicon Valley Worksheets

"Pirates of Silicon Valley (DVD and VHS) is the dramatization of the events that lead to the creation and explosive growth of the personal computer. We follow Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) as their paths crisscross in Silicon Valley. We watch as the rivalry between these two giants unfolds. I like to use this video to introduce PC hardware and software evolution.

Security Issues

There are several links to a site which deals with security issues of all kinds. These two links can lead you to other materials on that site. There's also a one-page paper which mentions several other good security sites to use. Both the security sites and the utilities appear to be PC-only.


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