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Computer Science Unit on Number Bases

This unit of study is designed to introduce the novice computer science student to the concept of number bases in general and to the comoputer number bases (2, 8, and 16) specifically. Counting, place value, conversions, operations and equations are covered. Written for Internet Explorer, though seems to work well with other browsers (Firefox, Safari)

Design, Build, and Write Software to Simulate Computer-controlled Traffic Lights

Resources to design, build, and write software to simulate computer-controlled traffic lights at an intersection.

Final Semester Test for Computer Engineering

The test file is a copy of a final test for grade 12 Computer Engineering. This test covers Parralax Pbasic Programing, Pic programming, OSI layers and Computer networking

Security Issues

There are several links to a site which deals with security issues of all kinds. These two links can lead you to other materials on that site. There's also a one-page paper which mentions several other good security sites to use. Both the security sites and the utilities appear to be PC-only.

Using OPNET Software to Model Communication Networks and Distributed Systems for Home and Business

This presentation focuses on a product called OPNET, a network simulation tool. The presentation includes several exercises to set up and evaluate various network topologies (setups). Modeling, simulating, collecting and analyzing data are possible with this tool.
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