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Pirates of Silicon Valley Worksheets

"Pirates of Silicon Valley (DVD and VHS) is the dramatization of the events that lead to the creation and explosive growth of the personal computer. We follow Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) as their paths crisscross in Silicon Valley. We watch as the rivalry between these two giants unfolds. I like to use this video to introduce PC hardware and software evolution.

Programming in Alice for Inclusion

This is a workshop on Alice. The authors have been using materials like those here during a middle school workshop for girls. Topics discussed in this workshop include Why Alice? an introduction to Alice with hands-on work, the issues of increasing the numbers of CS majors and graduates and dealing with ethnic and gender issues, setting up a cs course the future of Alice.

Project-Based Learning Module

This module provides teachers with an overview of Project-Based Learning (PBL) and is intended as a professional development resource. There are two PowerPoint presentations, a number of planning and implementation files and links to video clips of classrooms engaged in PBL as well as to additional readings and project samples


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