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Careers in Computer Engineering

A guest speaker is invited to share information about his/her job/career with the students. Students expand on their computer industry knowledge.Students look at degrees and certifications available and opportunities they have at the high school level and beyond to move them toward careers in the computer industry. Grades 9-10. Prior knowledge: word-processing skills

Computer Science in College and Beyond

A discussion of the computer science curriculum following a K-12 computer science program. Typical students are described and where their knowledge and skills are applied in research and industry is also shown. Washington University in St. Louis's Computer Science and Engineering department is used as an example.

Computing Career Exploration: An Interview

This is is an assignment where the sharing of the work done will take about a 50 minute period. Encourage the students to think about what they want to ask. This can be done at the beginning or end of the course. This assignment was helpful as a means of enabling students to think about how computing and related skills are applied in the real world to solve a variety of problems.

Computing Educators Oral History Project: Educational Resources

The CEOHP teaching materials are designed to help educators lead their students to explore the many interviews gathered in this oral history collection. Students will need access via the internet to the CEOHP site ( All materials are available via the CEOHP site. Initially, three lesson plans are included; each is available in both Word and PDF format.

Exploring Computer Science

The Exploring Computer Science (ECS) materials available at: providing daily lesson plans and resources which support the teaching of six instructional units: 1) Human Computer Interaction; 
2) Problem Solving; 
3) Web Design; 
4) Introduction to Programming; 
5) Robotics; and 
6) Computing Applications.

Impact & Consequences Media Assignment

For this activity, the student will use the Internet, magazines, newspapers and other resources to find an informative article relating to the ethical use of computers or the use of information technology and its impact on the community or examples of rapid change in information technology or computer engineering career paths.

Pirates of Silicon Valley Worksheets

"Pirates of Silicon Valley (DVD and VHS) is the dramatization of the events that lead to the creation and explosive growth of the personal computer. We follow Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) as their paths crisscross in Silicon Valley. We watch as the rivalry between these two giants unfolds. I like to use this video to introduce PC hardware and software evolution.

Post Secondary Careers Assignment

This assignment allows students to explore post secondary and connecting career options. Students are to create a website to relay the information that they find. This specific assignment is for the grade 11 college, Introduction to Computer Programming course, but can be easily modified to fit any of the computer studies or computer engineering courses.

The IT Career Cluster and IT Workforce Development in the Jefferson County Schools

Presentation on US Dept of Education developed IT Career Cluster, including statistics on current and future of IT jobs and the implementation of this career cluster in Jefferson County Schools.

Why Teach Computer Science?

Discusses five reasons it's important to have Computer Science be a part of the K-12 curriculum.
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