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Alice game programming for middle school students

We are pleased to share this set of materials that can be used or adapted by K-12 teachers who want to offer a unit on computer game programming. They were created as part of a research study that was designed to define, measure, and promote computational thinking among middle school students. Computational thinking is a problem solving process used by computer scientists.

Amazing PowerPoint Presentations

These are lessons that I have taught in my position as Technology Teacher for Norwood District 63 in Peoria, IL. I currently teach technology to all students in our district K-8. I have prepared 8 days of my lessons to teach for Illinois Central College (ICC) College for Kids in East Peoria, IL for the 2011 summer session.

Arrays Lesson Plan

This is a sample lesson plan and assignment for teaching arrays. This was part of a lesson plan assignment of mine for my CS AQ. I learned how to program by taking working video games and enhancing them. Many students will likely learn the same way. Resources for source code are given in the Word doc.

Beginning Java Graphics and UI

Java's Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), Applets vs. Applications, and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). PDF (converted PowerPoint presentation), both B&W and color versions

Bootstrap - Videogame Design through Functional Programming

Additional information: These materials are intended to be an "out of the box" teaching toolkit, and include all of the software, lesson plans and student worksheets necessary to run a successful class. Teachers need only to install the software, available for free from There are 9 lessons each 90 minutes long.

Bridging the Divide: Enhancing K-16 Education in CS using Alice

This is a complete all-day workshop including an overview and introduction to Alice, then developing an animation including dealing with events and programing several situations including Zeus World, BiPlane World and Shark Chase World.

Build and Program a CHRP PIC Development System

Participants in this two-part, hands-on session will learn about and build an 'open hardware' PIC microcontroller development system known as CHRP. CHRP is an inexpensive system that is designed to grow with the students as they learn about electronics, interfacing, robotics and programming in grades ten, eleven and twelve.

C# for Sharp Kids

Writing programs is Fun! This e-book will have you coding your very own C# programs in no time! With fun cartoons and easy to follow code samples, you'll be creating your own inventions in no time! The book is divided into 5 Parts: Part I – Getting Started Introduction Software You'll Need Formatting Standards Used in this Book What's Next?

Camps, Clubs and Competitions

Would you like to get your students interested in more than just using instant messaging and Facebook? This session will enable you to start computing after school clubs, summer camps, and competitions. It will give you free software that you can use to introduce computing concepts to your students.

Computer Engineering Car Controlled By Joystick

Powerpoint slideshow that details a Grade 11 project for computer engineering class for Building a car. Programs created with Turing. Use of Joystick included.


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