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Student Manual: 3D Game Programming with Phrogram

This publication is available as a Microsoft Word document upon request. Email

Teacher's Lesson Plan Overview for ICS 3M Final Programming Assignment

This resource is an end of term†programming project that was designed for an ICS 3M computer science course. The project was created as part of a bachelor of education degree and has not yet been implemented in a classroom. The project leads students through the process of creating a program with a real world application. The guidelines and implementation of the project are flexible.

Teaching Web Development with Dotnetnuke

Learn how you can use free curriculum and teach your students how to create a web portal using open source software written in Visual Basic.NET. This session will teach you how to use Visual Web Developer, SQL Express, and DotNetNuke.

Teaching With Alice

This presentation of Alice begins with a description of Alice and how it's used to support various CS concepts. Starting at slide 15 there is a "folllow along" type of lesson where an Alice program is built and modified over the course of the presentation. Participants can follow along at their computers

Toys and Techniques for Teaching CS

This session will present techniques for using manipulatives and fun activities to teach computer science concepts. Participants will have the opportunity to share and brainstorm new ideas to help make teaching computer science a fun and rewarding activity.

Unit Testing

For this lab students will take a previous program (SpellChecker from the Data Structures entry from Virginia Tech), learn how to develop test cases and develop techniques to use these cases to test the program. Thus students will hypothesize about program behavior and then experimentally verify their hypotheses.

VB for Very Bright Kids

"Writing programs is Fun! This e-book will have you coding your very own Visual Basic programs in no time! With fun cartoons and easy to follow code samples, you'll be creating your own inventions in no time! The book is divided into 5 Parts: Part I – Getting Started Introduction Software You'll Need Formatting Standards Used in this Book What's Next?

Visual BASIC 2005 Text (6 Chapters)

This goes along with the book "Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Step by Step (Step By Step)" by Michael Halvorson. My colleague Judy and I co-developed this package for the programming unit of the TIK2O course in 2008. It includes the lecture notes, exercises, and practice tests for six chapters.

Visual Sorting Demos

This Java applet shows a variety of sorting methods, visually. It includes a small quiz where students can see if they can recognize a sort method from the pattern of the movement of the elements of the array. It’s online at NOTE: A few applets may have incompatibilities with some browsers and/or platforms.

Web Algorithm Problems: Practicing for the APCS Test

Not sure this is valuable for student use in its current format. The material is a wealth of resources for teachers.


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