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Forestry Simulation

This is a project problem from U of Miami involving the simulation of growth and pruning of forests. OO design techniques and programming are required. The use of random numbers and file reading and writing are also needed. See other programming exercises in the JETT Workshop II from Univ of Miami, Geoff Sutcliffe

From C++ to Java

A complete overview of C++-to-Java conversions (for teachers who know C++).

GameMaker Space Shooter Game Project Tutorial

This is a resource for the GameMaker software. It includes all the sounds and images needed to make a side scrolling airplane action game. It also includes a step by step tutorial on how to create the airplane game in GameMaker. Notes: Current version of Audacity (free) needs to be downloaded; open project description .rtf file using Word to see graphic images. (8.7 mb download)

Guzdial and Ericson Java Media Computation Walkthrough

This is a movie in which the author Mark Guzdial talks through and demonstrations various Javaprogramming examples using media computation (media manipulation); it accompanied the set of 4 lessons in this web repository entitled "Learning Java through Media Computation". It is an 81mb zip file and for this reason was separated from the set of sessions.

If lesson, practice and quiz

This is a selection statement lesson in Turing, practice problems and a 2 question quiz. The lesson could be an overhead or a hand out.

Informatics:Puzzles, Problem solving and Programming

This is an adaptation of a Middle-School curriculum in Computer Science produced by the Institute for New Technology in the (then) Soviet Union in Moscow under the leadership of Dr. Alexei Simenov. This curriculum was delivered entirely by computer, with software that included a pseudocode interpeter and debugger that permitted students to execute and correct their programs.

Interactive Game as a Final Project in Python Course

This resource consists of 5 files designed to be studied in order. The first file gives a language-independent overview of how to develop a real-time game, which is a very common final project. The four examples show how to develop a final project using stepwise refinement. The first example is very basic but it sets up a fundamental skeleton for developing a game in python using pygame.

Interfaces and Class Design

This project has students implementing a calculator using and implementing interfaces, using Maps, polymorphism, dynamic binding, Buffered Reader and String Tokenizer classes

Internet and the World Wide Web

A detailed introduction to many computing concepts: Computer Basics; Network, Internet, Web, Email Basics; Personal Safety Online; Web Page Construction; Finding What You Want; Software on the Internet; Power Tools in the Internet; E-Commerce. (A slide show in PDF format, 241 slides.)

Intro to BlueJ and Making Karel the Robot Walk the Maze

This folder really has two kinds of information. The robot lab has little information for participants, assuming participants have knowledge of solutions to walking maze problems. The two presentations don't have anything to do with the lab but do present interesting information for teachers.


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