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Internet/Word Processing/Web Page Design Project

Three projects have students collect data from the CIA World Factbook site and create a presentation and a web document. Word skills including using text boxes, working with tables, resizing images, using captions and autoshaping are required or need to be acquired. Some exposure to basic web design is needed for the third project in this assignment.

Introduction to the Web as a Platform

"This guide will introduce you to the fundamental concepts that will help you understand how to create Web applications. In this guide, you will learn the answer to questions such as: What is a network and how are computers connected? What is the Internet? How do browsers work? What happens 'under the hood' when I connect to a Web server? What is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)?

Introduction to Web Design Using Microsoft Expression Studio: Semester Curriculum

A complete standards-based, 8-module, one-semester course on Web Design. This teacher-created and student-tested curriculum is an extensive collection of creative teaching and learning materials that thoroughly spans Web Design knowledge and skills and promotes meaningful, real-world learning experiences. The 8 modules can be used together or independently in a variety of sequences.

Teaching Web Development with Dotnetnuke

Learn how you can use free curriculum and teach your students how to create a web portal using open source software written in Visual Basic.NET. This session will teach you how to use Visual Web Developer, SQL Express, and DotNetNuke.

Web Site Design Learning Module

This four lesson project introduces students to Web Site Design. It is project-based and meant for students in grades 9-12 who already have a level 1 or basic understanding of the web. Actual coding/implementation of the design is not part of this project. Rather these four lesson plans provide the preparation students will need to begin building a Web site.


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