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Bridging the Divide: Enhancing K-16 Education in CS using Alice

This is a complete all-day workshop including an overview and introduction to Alice, then developing an animation including dealing with events and programing several situations including Zeus World, BiPlane World and Shark Chase World.

Computer Connections Research Project

This is a summative task designed to give students an opportunity to show mastery of several topics and skills learned and practiced throughout the course. It is interdisciplinary and an excellent way of learning about the ubiquitous nature of computer technology.

Computing Educators Oral History Project: Educational Resources

The CEOHP teaching materials are designed to help educators lead their students to explore the many interviews gathered in this oral history collection. Students will need access via the internet to the CEOHP site ( All materials are available via the CEOHP site. Initially, three lesson plans are included; each is available in both Word and PDF format.

Cybersecurity Awareness

"This presentation is oriented around describing the cybersecurity issues (file pt 1), discussing an approach developed at CMU which revolves around the MySecureCyberspace Game < > (file, pt 2), and a discussion of computer ethics (file, pt 3).

Environmental Studies in Computer Science

Presentation outline: Environmental Expectations, Electronic Waste, Carbon Footprint of Computing, Green Information Technology, Corporate Responsibility, Embedding Environmental Education. Grades 6-12. Resources referenced are at <> and <>

Expression Web Quick Start Tutorial and Advanced Tutorial: Beaches Around the World

A fast paced lesson that helps beginners create HTML pages with layers, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), interactive buttons, and Dynamic Web Templates. Build a cool Web site about the trip of your dreams to beautiful beaches around the world with this quick and easy Expression Web tutorial.

Impact & Consequences Media Assignment

For this activity, the student will use the Internet, magazines, newspapers and other resources to find an informative article relating to the ethical use of computers or the use of information technology and its impact on the community or examples of rapid change in information technology or computer engineering career paths.

Introduction to Web Design Using Microsoft Expression Studio: Semester Curriculum

A complete standards-based, 8-module, one-semester course on Web Design. This teacher-created and student-tested curriculum is an extensive collection of creative teaching and learning materials that thoroughly spans Web Design knowledge and skills and promotes meaningful, real-world learning experiences. The 8 modules can be used together or independently in a variety of sequences.

Java, Women and the Culture of Computing

An article covering women in programming, and the underlying psychology behind various naming schemes in Java and in computer programming in general.

Making K-8 CS A Reality

Should computer science be taught in grades K-8? Can it be taught to students that young? CSTA's Level I committee believes the answer to both questions is Yes.


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