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A Collection of Internet-era IT Literacy Teaching Modules

These teaching modules are designed for use in an Internet-era IT literacy course. I have over 90 modules now and plan to create enough for two overlapping courses -- one aimed at students with a strong interest in IT and another for general students. I teach an entire course using these modules, but one could easily select a few to supplement another course.

Abstraction and JPie

An introduction to abstraction and how it applies to different levels of programming languages. Abstraction is then explored in object-oriented languages to define the ideas of classes, objects, and properties. Examples are given using the JPie programming environment. Conditional and sequential execution are then discussed to motivate the problem of writing the game Pong in JPie.

Alice game programming for middle school students

We are pleased to share this set of materials that can be used or adapted by K-12 teachers who want to offer a unit on computer game programming. They were created as part of a research study that was designed to define, measure, and promote computational thinking among middle school students. Computational thinking is a problem solving process used by computer scientists.

Alice Primer

An introduction to using Alice with two example problems and their solutions. (for use with Alice 2.0)

C# for Sharp Kids

Writing programs is Fun! This e-book will have you coding your very own C# programs in no time! With fun cartoons and easy to follow code samples, you'll be creating your own inventions in no time! The book is divided into 5 Parts: Part I – Getting Started Introduction Software You'll Need Formatting Standards Used in this Book What's Next?

Excel VBA Primer

An introduction to the Visual Basic for Applications environment for Excel with example macro programming problems and solutions.

Exploring Computer Science

The Exploring Computer Science (ECS) materials available at: providing daily lesson plans and resources which support the teaching of six instructional units: 1) Human Computer Interaction; 
2) Problem Solving; 
3) Web Design; 
4) Introduction to Programming; 
5) Robotics; and 
6) Computing Applications.

From C++ to Java

A complete overview of C++-to-Java conversions (for teachers who know C++).

GameMaker Space Shooter Game Project Tutorial

This is a resource for the GameMaker software. It includes all the sounds and images needed to make a side scrolling airplane action game. It also includes a step by step tutorial on how to create the airplane game in GameMaker. Notes: Current version of Audacity (free) needs to be downloaded; open project description .rtf file using Word to see graphic images. (8.7 mb download)

If lesson, practice and quiz

This is a selection statement lesson in Turing, practice problems and a 2 question quiz. The lesson could be an overhead or a hand out.


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