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Impact & Consequences Media Assignment

Aitken, Doris
Issue Date: 
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
For this activity, the student will use the Internet, magazines, newspapers and other resources to find an informative article relating to the ethical use of computers or the use of information technology and its impact on the community or examples of rapid change in information technology or computer engineering career paths. These assignments were designed to cover some of he expectations that do not involve programming or buildling. For the ICS4M Impact assignment, students find an article about a contentious technological issue, summarize it and prepare a debate for the classroom. The ICE3 Impact assignment requires students to build a scapbook of technological issues. These are both summative assignments completed at the end of the units on "Impact". The final document is the ICS4M Learn and Teach activity requiring students to pick a topic and teach it to the class. The teacher can provide the topis or allow students to pick their own topics subject to approval. Students must include an activity to assess student learning.
research, written report, webpage, rubric, debate
Education Levels: 
Middle School
High School
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Assessment Material : Rubric, Answer Key, Portfolio, Test
CEMCS Summer Institute, Toronto, Ont, CA
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Understand the pervasiveness of computers and computing in daily life (e.g., voice mail, downloading videos and audio files, microwave ovens, thermostats, wireless Internet, mobile computing devices, GPS systems).


Identify a wide range of jobs that require knowledge or use of computing.


Identify interdisciplinary careers that are enhanced by computer science.


Describe ethical issues that relate to computers and networks (e.g., security, privacy, ownership, and information sharing).


Describe different ways in which software is created and shared and their benefits and drawbacks (commercial software, public domain software, open source development).


Describe security and privacy issues that relate to computer networks.


Explore a variety of careers to which computing is central.


Describe how mathematical and statistical functions, sets, and logic are used in computation.


Describe how different kinds of software licenses can be used to share and protect intellectual property.


Discuss the impact of computing technology on business and commerce (e.g., automated tracking of goods, automated financial transactions, e-commerce, cloud computing).


Analyze the beneficial and harmful effects of computing innovations.


Computing in Context (AP Comp Sci A Topic VI)