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Connections Inside and Out

Ontario Ministry of Education
Issue Date: 
Monday, August 6, 2007
Students view the video The Journey Inside The Computer (from Intel Corporation ( and examine the individual internal components of the computer. Using resources available to them, students discover the importance of each component and its impact on the computer’s operations. The activity culminates with a series of problems that students must solve using the new knowledge. Finally, students use this information to suggest an alternative placement of computers within the school environment that makes a positive impact on the school community and demonstrates wise use of resources. Grades 9-10
computer organization, servers, file protection, queues, routing protocols, spoolers, fault-tolerance
Other Disciplines: 
communication, shared resources
Education Levels: 
Middle School
High School
Intended Audience: 
Instructional Material : Lesson
Ontario Ministry of Education; unit 4 of Computer and Information Science grade 10 course
CSTA Classification: 


Describe the unique features of computers embedded in mobile devices and vehicles (e.g., cell phones, automobiles, airplanes).


Describe the principal components of computer organization (e.g., input, output, processing, and storage).

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