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Level 3C (Topics in Computer Science, Grades 11-12)

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CC.L3C Resources for a CS course at Level 3C (grades 11-12).[This is a heading for a group of course classifications, not an actual classification.]
CC.L3C-01 AP Computer Science A
CC.L3C-01a Object-Oriented Program Design (AP Comp Sci A Topic I)
CC.L3C-01b Program Implementation (AP Comp Sci A Topic II)
CC.L3C-01c Program Analysis (AP Comp Sci A Topic III)
CC.L3C-01d Standard Data Structures (AP Comp Sci A Topic IV)
CC.L3C-01e Standard Algorithms (AP Comp Sci A Topic V)
CC.L3C-01f Computing in Context (AP Comp Sci A Topic VI)
CC.L3C-02 Desktop Publishing
CC.L3C-03 Technical Communications
CC.L3C-04 Multimedia
CC.L3C-05 Graphics
CC.L3C-06 Game Programming
CC.L3C-07 Computational Modeling
CC.L3C-08 Web Development
CC.L3C-09 Web Programming
CC.L3C-10 Emerging Technologies
CC.L3C-11 Free and Open-Source Software
CC.L3C-12 Other Project-Based Courses
CC.L3C-13 Courses Leading to Industry Certification