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Level 3B (Computer Science Concepts and Practices, Grades 10 or 11)

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CI.L3B-01 Demonstrate ethical use of modern communication media and devices.
CI.L3B-02 Analyze the beneficial and harmful effects of computing innovations.
CI.L3B-03 Summarize how financial markets, transactions, and predictions have been transformed by automation.
CI.L3B-04 Summarize how computation has revolutionized the way people build real and virtual organizations and infrastructures.
CI.L3B-05 Identify laws and regulations that impact the development and use of software.
CI.L3B-06 Analyze the impact of government regulation on privacy and security.
CI.L3B-07 Differentiate among open source, freeware, and proprietary software licenses and their applicability to different types of software.
CI.L3B-08 Relate issues of equity, access, and power to the distribution of computing resources in a global society.