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Level 3B (Computer Science Concepts and Practices, Grades 10 or 11)

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CPP.L3B-01 Use advanced tools to create digital artifacts (e.g., web design, animation, video, multimedia). [2]
CPP.L3B-02 Use tools of abstraction to decompose a large-scale computational problem (e.g., procedural abstraction, object- oriented design, functional design).
CPP.L3B-03 Classify programming languages based on their level and application domain.
CPP.L3B-04 Explore principles of system design in scaling, efficiency, and security.
CPP.L3B-05 Deploy principles of security by implementing encryption and authentication strategies.
CPP.L3B-06 Anticipate future careers and the technologies that will exist.
CPP.L3B-07 Use data analysis to enhance understanding of complex natural and human systems.
CPP.L3B-08 Deploy various data collection techniques for different types of problems.