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Level 3A (Computer Science in the Modern World, Grades 9-10)

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CI.L3A-01 Compare appropriate and inappropriate social networking behaviors.
CI.L3A-02 Discuss the impact of computing technology on business and commerce (e.g., automated tracking of goods, automated financial transactions, e-commerce, cloud computing).
CI.L3A-03 Describe the role that adaptive technology can play in the lives of people with special needs.
CI.L3A-04 Compare the positive and negative impacts of technology on culture (e.g., social networking, delivery of news and other public media, and intercultural communication).
CI.L3A-05 Describe strategies for determining the reliability of information found on the Internet.
CI.L3A-06 Differentiate between information access and information distribution rights.
CI.L3A-07 Describe how different kinds of software licenses can be used to share and protect intellectual property.
CI.L3A-08 Discuss the social and economic implications associated with hacking and software piracy.
CI.L3A-09 Describe different ways in which software is created and shared and their benefits and drawbacks (commercial software, public domain software, open source development).
CI.L3A-10 Describe security and privacy issues that relate to computer networks.
CI.L3A-11 Explain the impact of the digital divide on access to critical information.