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Level 3A (Computer Science in the Modern World, Grades 9-10)

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CPP.L3A-01 Create and organize Web pages through the use of a variety of web programming design tools.
CPP.L3A-02 Use mobile devices/ emulators to design, develop, and implement mobile computing applications.
CPP.L3A-03 Use various debugging and testing methods to ensure program correctness (e.g., test cases, unit testing, white box, black box, integration testing)
CPP.L3A-04 Apply analysis, design, and implementation techniques to solve problems (e.g., use one or more software lifecycle models).
CPP.L3A-05 Use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and libraries to facilitate programming solutions.Describe the relationship between binary and hexadecimal representations.
CPP.L3A-06 Select appropriate file formats for various types and uses of data.
CPP.L3A-07 Describe a variety of programming languages available to solve problems and develop systems.
CPP.L3A-08 Explain the program execution process.
CPP.L3A-09 Explain the principles of security by examining encryption, cryptography, and authentication techniques.
CPP.L3A-10 Explore a variety of careers to which computing is central.
CPP.L3A-11 Describe techniques for locating and collecting small and large-scale data sets.
CPP.L3A-12 Describe how mathematical and statistical functions, sets, and logic are used in computation.