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Level 2 (Computer Science and Community, Grades 6-9)

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CPP.L2-01 Select appropriate tools and technology resources to accomplish a variety of tasks and solve problems.
CPP.L2-02 Use a variety of multimedia tools and peripherals to support personal productivity and learning throughout the curriculum.
CPP.L2-03 Design, develop, publish, and present products (e.g., webpages, mobile applications, animations) using technology resources that demonstrate and communicate curriculum concepts.
CPP.L2-04 Demonstrate an understanding of algorithms and their practical application.
CPP.L2-05 Implement problem solutions using a programming language, including: looping behavior, conditional statements, logic, expressions, variables, and functions.
CPP.L2-06 Demonstrate good practices in personal information security, using passwords, encryption, and secure transactions.
CPP.L2-07 Identify interdisciplinary careers that are enhanced by computer science.
CPP.L2-08 Demonstrate dispositions amenable to open-ended problem solving and programming (e.g., comfort with complexity, persistence, brainstorming, adaptability, patience, propensity to tinker, creativity, accepting challenge).
CPP.L2-09 Collect and analyze data that is output from multiple runs of a computer program.