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Level 3B (Computer Science Concepts and Practices, Grades 10 or 11)

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CT.L3B-01 Classify problems as tractable, intractable, or computationally unsolvable.
CT.L3B-02 Explain the value of heuristic algorithms to approximate solutions for intractable problems.
CT.L3B-03 Critically examine classical algorithms and implement an original algorithm.
CT.L3B-04 Evaluate algorithms by their efficiency, correctness, and clarity.
CT.L3B-05 Use data analysis to enhance understanding of complex natural and human systems.
CT.L3B-06 Compare and contrast simple data structures and their uses (e.g., arrays and lists).
CT.L3B-07 Discuss the interpretation of binary sequences in a variety of forms (e.g., instructions, numbers, text, sound, image).
CT.L3B-08 Use models and simulations to help formulate, refine, and test scientific hypotheses.
CT.L3B-09 Analyze data and identify patterns through modeling and simulation.
CT.L3B-10 Decompose a problem by defining new functions and classes.
CT.L3B-11 Demonstrate concurrency by separating processes into threads and dividing data into parallel streams.