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Level 1:6 (Computer Science and Me, Grades 3-6)

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CT.L1:6-01 Understand and use the basic steps in algorithmic problem solving (e.g., problem statement and exploration, examination of sample instances, design, implementation, and testing).
CT.L1:6-02 Develop a simple understanding of an algorithm (e.g., search, sequence of events, or sorting) using computer-free exercises.
CT.L1:6-03 Demonstrate how a string of bits can be used to represent alphanumeric information.
CT.L1:6-04 Describe how a simulation can be used to solve a problem.
CT.L1:6-05 Make a list of sub-problems to consider while addressing a larger problem.
CT.L1:6-06 Understand the connections between computer science and other fields.