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Organization of Resources

The CSTA Source is organized by curriculum classification:

  • CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards, which are classified in two ways:
    • By strand (major content area) 
    • By level (grade-level groupings, from elementary school through high school)
  • Comprehensive curriculum categories:
    • Resources that support an entire CS course or CS-related curriculum unit at a specific level
    • Program strategies for broadening CS participation

Browsing Hierarchies

Depending on your needs, you may prefer to browse the resources by Strand / Level (first choosing the content area and then the grade-level), or by Level / Strand (first choosing the grade-level and then the content area).

+ CSTA Curriculum: Strand / Level / Curriculum Classification

+ CSTA Curriculum: Level / Strand / Curriculum Classification


Curriculum Classification Master List

The master list shows all curriculum classifications in a single list (rather than an expandable hierarchy), in order of strand and then level.  This format allows a user to scan the entire list visually or to use the browser’s search feature to find curriculum classifications that contain a specific term. 

View/search the Curriculum Classification Master List