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Adventure Quiz Game Program

Paradine, Amy
Issue Date: 
Monday, July 26, 2010
This assignment is recommended as a first major program that students will produce in the ICS3U course. It can be used for almost any programming language. It should be introduced after input/output, selection, repetition, and programming style and documentation have been taught and practiced. It introduces (or reinforces) the use of test cases to validate a program. It addresses several Ministry expectations (e.g., A1.1, A1.3, A1.4, A2.1, A2.2, A4.2, A4.3, A4.5, B2.2, B2.5, B4.4). Sample due dates are outlined on the assignment sheet (based on a termed school – classes every other day). The assignment can be modified to include the use of subprograms. An evaluation rubric is also provided.
game, program assignment, first semester, rubric, adventure quiz game, control structures, choose your own adventure, project, test cases
Education Levels: 
High School
Intended Audience: 
Instructional Material : Project
CEMCS Summer Institute, Toronto, Ont, CA
CSTA Classification: 


Use various debugging and testing methods to ensure program correctness (e.g., test cases, unit testing, white box, black box, integration testing)


Apply analysis, design, and implementation techniques to solve problems (e.g., use one or more software lifecycle models).


Describe how computing enhances traditional forms and enables new forms of experience, expression, communication, and collaboration.


Describe a software development process used to solve software problems (e.g., design, coding, testing, verification).


Program Implementation (AP Comp Sci A Topic II)


Use the basic steps in algorithmic problem-solving to design solutions (e.g., problem statement and exploration, examination of sample instances, design, implementing a solution, testing, evaluation).

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