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Overclocking a CPU

Ceccato, Robert
Issue Date: 
Monday, August 2, 2010
Overclocking a CPU For the Grade 12 TEJ (Old ICE) course, I have created an activity that encourages the grade 12 students to explore the concept of overclocking a CPU. This Activity gives the students a lot of leeway in terms of how and what they need to do. It was my intention to make this activity very similar to an "independent study". There is very little formal guidance, and the students did find it frustrating at first, however, once they researched and started to try to solve the problem many of them really enjoyed the activity. Furthermore, several students actually went home and overclocked their personal computers.
overclocking, cpu, hardware, research, cpu speed
Education Levels: 
Middle School
High School
Intended Audience: 
Instructional Material : Project
CEMCS Summer Institute, Toronto, Ont, CA
CSTA Classification: 


Describe the principal components of computer organization (e.g., input, output, processing, and storage).


Discuss the interpretation of binary sequences in a variety of forms (e.g., instructions, numbers, text, sound, image).

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