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Introduction to Robotics using Robolab

Schmidt, Michael
Issue Date: 
Monday, September 25, 2006
This lab is intended to introduce students in groups of 2-4 students to Lego Mindstorms robot kit and the Robolab software. Students will connect actuators and senors to a base robot and program this robot. Students are expected to gain the understanding of simple wiring, basic actuator control, and simple conditionals of time and using a touch sensor. The by-product of these concepts will also give them a sense of physical control over their robot’s actions and confidence that those actions will reflect their programming. Also, an inherent element of troubleshooting is discovered. This will take about 90 minutes or two class periods. Student worksheets and quizzes are provided
robotics, Robolab, Mindstorms, programming, robot building, middle school robotics, Lego
Education Levels: 
Middle School
High School
Intended Audience: 
Assessment Material : Rubric, Answer Key, Portfolio, Test
The College Board
CSTA Classification: 


Construct a program as a set of step-by-step instructions to be acted out (e.g., make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich activity).


Analyze the degree to which a computer model accurately represents the real world.


Describe what distinguishes humans from machines, focusing on human intelligence versus machine intelligence and ways we can communicate.


Describe ways in which computers use models of intelligent behavior (e.g., robot motion, speech and language understanding, and computer vision).

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